Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Log Cabin

Look what I found for sale. Oddly enough, I found it Sunday, which just happened to be National Log Cabin Day (the last Sunday every June). It just kills me not to buy this gorgeous old log cabin.
I've always wanted one and this one is a beauty, with angled corners, a stone chimney and beautiful details.
The price is great, but I'm not too keen on the location. It's right on the road, which is hardly where you'd expect a log cabin to be.
I hear it's not that complicated to disassemble and relocate them. The claim is that you simply (ha!) number the logs, remove them from the top down and replace them on the new lot from the bottom up. Oooh, it's so tempting . . .

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Glider Collection?

I have a lot of outdoor seating. You kind of take stock of those things this time of year. There’s the cool old aluminum porch glider I bought from Mom many years ago, which is on my porch. There’s the vintage glider in aqua and white, which I got at a sale a few years ago, because it was only $25! There’s the gorgeous old wicker couch I got when I was 18, which is currently being stored in the barn (tsk, tsk). Another aluminum glider that was Butch’s mother’s; since it doesn’t have the original cushions, it can stay out by the fire pit. Then there’s the little wooden 2-seater that sits at the breeziest corner of the house overlooking the front yard. ____________________________________________________ This doesn’t even count the chairs; it’s just the multi-seat inventory! I realized that it was getting out-of-hand, so I decided to sell the old aqua glider. _____________________________________________________ I checked for prices online and found out so much about these cool vintage pieces! There are all kinds of them and they are so beautiful when they’re restored. Most of them hang from their frame, so my aqua one that glides on two tracks is a little less common. _____________________________________________________ Wow, these are really cool old items! Although I didn’t determine a price to charge for mine, I did decided what I would be willing to pay for my newest acquisition - $75. I REALLY need to stay off craigslist . . .

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today is the 68th anniversary of D-Day, when allied forces invaded Nazi-occupied France. The five Normandy beaches where forces landed greatly exposed the soldiers, but gave them a bit of surprise. This is an ariel shot of the American Cemetery & Memorial, which now occupies part of that beautiful northern coastline of France. I hope to visit it someday. The Longest Day is a wonderful classic movie about the D-Day invasion; it has a star-studded cast. If you’ve never seen it, you won’t be disappointed.