Monday, February 28, 2011

Sun & Sand

I'm on Treasure Island at sunny St. Petersburg, Florida! It's 86* with wonderful gulf breezes!
My cousin is sharing her timeshare with me. MUCH better than shoveling snow!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ice Storm

We had an ice storm here Sunday night. OMG, the place is such a mess! Fallen limbs have lots of streets blocked and wires down. It sure creates a singular form of beauty, though.

Wild grapes and a young walnut tree next to my driveway.

***************************************This is why I haven't had power for 3 days.


**************************************When a person lives with one of their kids, a piece of them is lost to their other children. This must be how non-custodial, divorced parents feel about their kids.
Sometimes, our challenge is to stop mourning what we've lost and embrace the freedom offered to us. It's easier said than done, though.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I stumbled upon an alpaca farm yesterday. I was expecting a few animals, but there were over 40 of them!

They tend to move as a group, like sheep, which is a little unnerving when you’re in their path. They’re quite curious and come right up to see you!

*********I was surprised by how affectionate alpacas are. They like to cuddle, so it’s no problem to feel their thick, fluffy fleece.

This particular farm, at the tip of an island in the Detroit River, has a gift shop. They carry items from felt and yard made from the animals on the farm, as well as imported hide items. I couldn’t resist getting a couple skeins of the yarn.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Patterns In Nature

********I don't understand how these gorgeous patterns form in the frost. Some of them are so flawlessly patterned, they almost look like paisley.
I think these resemble seaweeds or the stalks of some wild grasses that grow in the heat of summer.
I will miss these beautiful formations when the last of my windows is replaced. They don't form on well-insulated ones.

Room With A View

********I work in the greatest location! Our building straddles a watershed, so we get bird's eye views of loads of wildlife.
This is right in the city limits!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard of 2011?

We’re getting a blizzard! They’re calling for over a foot of snow and I’m excited!
I’m not really a fan of snow or cold weather. I try to engage in some wintertime activities, but I prefer to be in water in the summer. I do get a kick out of the challenge, though. I like the Man-Overcomes-Nature’s-Adversity thing.
This storm is predicted to be the worst since 1967! I have no idea what happened then, but I recall the Blizzard of ‘78 well. The snowmobilers that had previously been perceived as playing around suddenly gained status, as they were serving as emergency messengers. Folks who were stranded in their cars were being rescued and we had a week (or more!) off school. At one point, the city sent a snowplow to transport my mom to help deliver a baby; they brought her home soon, though, as it was a false labor.
Ever since then, I have a carried a candle and matches in a coffee can in my trunk. This is supposed to provide heat in your car, but I had an opportunity to test the theory earlier this winter and was unimpressed. There are some die-hard survivalists with a better version, though; see it here: .
It’s exciting that this may be one of the worst blizzard of my lifetime. It even makes it worth having to get rid of all that snow!