Monday, August 23, 2010

Girls' Fun

We girls had a great time on our birthdays celebration/road trip this weekend. We all enjoyed the water and the lake breeze as well as each others’ company.
We also found sculpture!
Tom Moran, of Moran Iron Works in Onaway, has been creating a giant sculpture each year since 1989, which he unveils at the 4th of July parade. The sculptures have ended up all over northern Michigan and I got to see a few of them in Alpena this weekend.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Road Trip!

Mom’s coming up north with me! I’m doing the happy dance. For a while, it looked like she was going to back out, but she decided to go.
Michigan really is a beautiful state and the coastal areas in the north are the jewels in the crown. My favorite vacation pastime is taking my coffee onto the beach for an early morning stroll along the waves.
This trip is a celebration of two birthdays; Mom’s is tomorrow and her friend’s is next week. We’re stopping in Midland to pick up her friend and then headed to Alpena. I can’t wait to dip my toes into Lake Huron again!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Look It Up

I’ve rarely heard the term “Third World Nation” used correctly. Today I found a funny response to the ongoing misuse of that label. is identifying Chile as “First World.”
What a great idea! They’re fighting inaccuracy by redefining the First World. Since “Third World” remains to be incorrectly defined as undeveloped and poor, I guess they’re right about Chile, with its progressive infrastructure, stable economy and cultivated lifestyles.
They must figure that people who won’t use a dictionary probably won’t look at a map, either!

Water Ballet Program

Sarge found a program from one of our Pemberville water ballets. I was so excited to see it!

Any Lessons Learned?

Can we just make relief wells mandatory now, for cryin' out loud?
The Norwegians said back in June that the Gulf oil spill wouldn't be contained until the relief well was complete; they were right. Let's learn a lesson from them, eh?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The C*nfeder#cy?

I don’t understand the American South and the whole Confederate Pride thing. From my perspective in the original Northwest Territory, it’s bigotry and nothing more. I admit that there could be something I just don’t see, but it completely eludes my northern eyes.
I’ve heard the southern claims that America’s Civil War was fought over states’ rights, not slavery. Yeah, sure. I understand the correlation, but the fact is that keeping slaves was the only right in doubt! Plain and simple, that war was about slavery.
Consequently, the phrase “Confederate Hero” is an oxymoron to me. I think the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism. The way I see it, honoring Confederates is akin to honoring Nazis. Confederacy seems like a dirty word. Pride in it seems outrageous and I’m embarrassed by it. I really don’t get this!
My boss recently vacationed in the south where a memorial to Lee, Davis and Jackson is carved into the side of a mountain. This memorial is in the middle of an amusement park with a diverse mix of visitors. Why would black people patronize that? Why would anyone? She said it made her uncomfortable, which I was pleased to hear; at least I’m not alone.
So, what say you, Southerners? Please explain to this Yankee how Confederate Pride is anything other than a widespread tolerance of racism.

August 11

I looked at my calendar this morning and found that I know FIVE people who celebrate their birthdays on this date. Nine months ago was Veteran’s Day.
I guess a few people take that “Thank A Vet” plan seriously!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michigan Tickets

Woo, hoo! I scored tickets to a Michigan game! My cousin is a huge fan of Michigan football, so they will be a present for her 18th birthday. She will be so excited!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marketing Gimmick

ALL yogurt is probiotic! Do people actually believe this stuff??

Farmers' Market

***************************************I just love farmers’ markets. This weekend, I went to one that I don’t often visit. It’s under the overhang of this great old building with planked floors and a timbered roof. I only have a couple pics, since I never learned to get a decent picture under those backlit conditions.

Meals are so easy to prepare in summer, with all the roadside produce stands and markets. Right now, I’m hooked on roasted veggies. I spend a few hours on them each weekend and eat them all week. YUM!