Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Benefits Of Age

Middle age must be the prime of life. I know that we’re supposed to mourn our youth and dislike aging, but it’s not working that way for me. I think I’m at the balance point on the teeter-totter.
With the exception of losing Butch, I am much happier the older I get. Everything is better when you get older. Storekeepers stop following you around to see if you’re going to steal something. You’re better prepared for a lot of circumstances because you’ve already experienced them.
As you age, you just don’t care as much what people think, so it’s easier to disregard others’ perceptions of you and just do what makes you happy. You get better at using your strengths and learn to compensate for your weaknesses. You are more appreciative of how your body serves you and less concerned with how it looks. You (and your partner) develop even better sexual skills. You start to determine whether your employer meets your needs as well as vice versa. Depending on your nature, you either learn to defend yourself or you develop a bit of diplomacy (guess which applies to me?).
I’m anxious to see if my hair goes grey or white because I have a hairstyle picked out for each. I am excited about taking ElderHostel vacations!

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