Friday, July 1, 2011

Did you know . . .

You know how Facebook recommends friends for you? I thought that was because they were a friend of a friend, or they had clicked “Like” for the same item as me, or they joined the same group as me.
I recently had a gentlemen turn up on my recommendations list. He isn’t a friend of a friend and we haven’t liked or joined any similar pages. The connection was that he had responded to my Craigslist ad for an apartment for rent. I used the same Yahoo email account for both Craigslist and Facebook. Apparently, he used the same email account for both programs, too. Facebook recognized that we had communicated and connected us.
The problem is that my Yahoo account doesn’t identify me by name; Facebook does. He may not know what the connection is. Even if I’m showing as one of his recommended friends, he didn’t have my name before. He likely has it now, though. Facebook has removed my anonymity. That’s worrisome.
I’ve been considering deleting my Facebook profile because I’m tired of attending to it. I’m still undecided, because I really have reconnected with a lot of lost acquaintances through it. This, though, really gives me pause for consideration . . .

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