Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Place for Everything?

I’m trying ever-so-hard to organize my house a little more. I really have a lot of space at my place, so you’d think it would be easy, but not so.
I’ve always wanted to try to see how little space I could comfortably occupy. I’ve heard of city dwellers in some Asian countries with 300 square feet; the street food is healthful, good and cheap, so people don’t even bother having a kitchen. I just wonder if I could do that . . .
For now, though, I have 1,100 sq ft in the house, about the same amount of garage space as well as a barn. They’re not full, but they’re not organized, either. My stuff is just all over the place! Plus, when I like things (such as coats, blankets, scarves, etc), I keep getting more of them.
My friend (who has a 3-bedroom house to herself) was telling me how important it is to have “a place to put your things away. “ So, I’m starting by tackling the things that are always lying around the house: jewelry, shoes and clothes. My solutions are a giant jewelry box, some shoe chests and a rack for the laundry room.
Now, to find a place for 6 cats . . .

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  1. don't forget the purses, handbags, and shoulderbags