Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Took a Cruise

I like to take rides; I just get in the car and see where it takes me. This is something I’ve been doing since my sister got her drivers’ license, which would have been 1978 (sheesh!). We called it “cruising.” This weekend, I cruised to Manistee, a little town on Michigan’s west coast. The Manistee River, which is long and scenic, empties into Lake Michigan at this point; it’s very popular with fishermen and paddlers. I’ve been looking online at a vacation property along the river and thought I’d go see the area. (Real estate is like pornography to me – lol.) While I‘m not buying the property, the trip sure got me back in the “Up North” frame of mind, which is appropriate for all Michigan residents in the summer. Here are a few cool things I discovered while en route. Kids found a way to beat the heat.
I’ve never seen a barn this color.
A magnificent sunset over Lake Michigan.

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