Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Power Failure

Here’s a pic of folks in Delhi, India waiting for trains that won’t be coming. A half a billion people are without power in India. That’s five hundred million people! In addition to a lack trains, there is no temperature control and no water. India is extremely hot and these folks are really suffering. A few years ago, when much of the eastern seaboard lost power, I was living in Toledo, which was just on the border of power loss. My apartment was only out for a couple hours, but Butch’s house, just across the Michigan line was out for nearly a day. Metro Detroit, however, was a mess; there was a mass exodus from the city when the automakers shut down and residents left the metro area just looking for working gas pumps. It’s amazing the things we take for granted . . . Someday, I want to spend a week without electricity. I don’t mean living off the grid (although creating my own energy is an exciting thought), but actually using no power. Cooking over fire, heating my bath water, etc. I’d have to be off work, of course, but someday I’m going to try it. Ironically, I’ll probably blog about it after the fact . . .

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