Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have a new project. I'm working my way through a 7-step Beginners' Cheesemaking Class. This is an actual course with a syllabus. It was created by a chemistry professor from the University of Cincinnati (where I teach my landlord class!). After designing the course, Dr. Frankhauser posted it online! (Don't ya just love the internet?)
I'm taking advantage of his generosity and beginning the course this weekend. Each step is designed to teach you the skills you'll need for the next step and it starts with yogurt.
If I make a mess, I'll post the pictures. If you'd like to try this yourself, you can find Dr. Frankhauser's course at:

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  1. AWESOME! Let me know if you need help. I taught a cheese class a few times. I love cheese, like LOVE cheese.