Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Routine Reestablished

Yep, it’s been quiet here lately. It’s tough to reestablish a habit, ya know?
In the meantime:
• I put down one of my oldest pets, Mama Kitty. She had a good life and brought me much happiness.
• I suddenly find myself reconnecting with my property. I have lots of ideas for the house and yard and I’m fascinated with yard décor. This weekend, I placed the pictured St Francis statue to oversee my pet cemetery. He’s just one of many new items for the yard. I don’t know where this is coming from, but I did recently decide against relocating, so maybe I’m just recommitting to my home?
• I’m all out-of-sorts with the holiday closings of the rec centers at work. I keep showing up in a bathing suit to find the pool closed!
• A Facebook friend is chronicling the illness, death and responsive grief of her husband on her page. I commend her openness, but I’m so glad I wasn’t on FB when I lived through it.
• I LOVE January! The promise of a new start in a new year is so invigorating! I’m still working on my resolutions.
• There will be no trip to Treasure Island this year; I’m in financial recovery mode from Morocco and saving to see the lavender fields of Provence in June. I’m on a serious budget! (Except for yard décor, that is . . .)
• In the absence of a full-blown vacation, I need a road trip.

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