Monday, April 29, 2013


Wow, big news on my end. My sister had her second accident in six months, both the result of a seizure while driving. This one was defined as such by the doctors, so she has lost her driving privledges for 6 months. I feel so bad for her, not to mention my mom, who relied on Sal for all her transport needs. So, they'll be seeing more of me for at least a half a year. I hope they're prepared!

This has created lots of questions for all of us, so the title is fitting. Truly, the only thing to do, though, is to stay on course and get through this period.
This pic is of my new model reproduction of a Fresnel lens, which was designed for use in lighthouses. I'm so excited to get it, and hope to display it in a Michigan-themed garden that my brain is still developing. In looking for it, I learned that you can buy full-size, operating reproduction lenses, too; all it takes is $20K and a lighthouse to hold it.
I'm hoping for a less-eventful immediate future.


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