Friday, July 26, 2013

Images of Provence

I'm finally getting around to sorting through my pictures from Provence.  You sure end up with a lot more pics using digital, eh?  Here are a few pics to start.
This is the view of the Mediterranean Sea in the city of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.  It was taken from the rooftop of an old church.  Apparently, this is a famous vantage point, as people have been climbing atop this church roof for ages to see this view.  It's a little dangerous and you'd never be able to get insurance if you allowed visitors to do this in the US. 

Here's a shot of the famous wild white horses of the Camargue region, along the southern coast.  They are stocky and beautiful.

We took a short boat tour down the Rhone River out of Arles.  I love this beautiful old mill (vieux moulin), now functioning as a dining & drinking establishment (guinguette).

Here's a shot of the beautiful ochre cliffs of Roussillon.  Dyes are made from the ochre deposits, which are mined here.  I got my sister some to create paint for her artwork!

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  1. thanks for finally getting around to this, and thanks for the ochres as well.