Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I think that nations are obsolete. They have served their purpose but it has expired, much like ancient empires and medieval princedoms. The world is too connected now for everyone to be huddled around their own flags in an attempt to operate independently of each other. Today, we are integrated enough to view ourselves as Earthlings, not Americans, Brazilians, Chinese . . . Zimbabweans. If we all put down our flags and stop singing our anthems, maybe we could understand each other and work collaboratively.
I have begun to see things well beyond the span of one lifetime. Existence is cyclical. Two hundred years from now, my views will be archaic and inter-racial romance may consist of beings from Venus dating those from Neptune. I hope so. Change is renewal.
The flag hanging from my front porch is old and tattered. It’s been hanging there forever, looking terrible. I haven’t taken it down yet; I’m putting it off because it won’t be replaced. It’s there because Butch put it there. He was a 2-tour Vietnam veteran; he should have a flag in front of his home. I am a patriot, to be sure, but one of my planet. That said, when that flag comes down, I will fold it and take it to a VFW for proper destruction, for the same reason I will keep a fresh flag on Butch’s grave, because I respect it. More than anything, I respect the Constitution that stands behind it. So, I hope that the USA will be a strong partner when the world finally begins to move forward . . .
We’ll have to overcome our pride, first. I don’t get the claim to pride - and all those folks singing about how they’re proud to be American. Pride is for those who earn it. Our founding fathers should be proud. Our veterans should be proud. Perhaps some legislators have earned pride in this nation. The rest of us? We are LUCKY to be American. We have claim to nothing more than the luck of our birthright.

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