Saturday, October 2, 2010


Captain Michael came on my boat early, calling in his cheery, British accent, "Good morning, Nancy! Are you ready for another beautiful day of sailing?" wtf? Had he been asleep the first couple days?
I expressed my reservations and he said, "Take your medication. If you get drowsy and fall overboard, I'll circle back and pick you up." A real sensitive type, Captain Michael . . .
It was just the two of us and we headed out on a different boat with a large bimany (sun shade). So, I got to ditch the hat, which made it a lot cooler.
I was able to follow orders without having to ask, "What does jibe mean, again?" I noticed, for the first time, the contrast of the whitecaps against the tourquois sea. I took the helm and got precisely the rush you'd expect when the boat heeled over. The warm Caribbean breeze felt wonderful.
I get it, now!
After our return, I realized that I was neither sick nor drowsy. Yay!

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