Saturday, October 2, 2010

Isleta Marina

********I stayed on a boat in a marina on a tiny island off the coast of Fajardo. A ferry takes you to and from the island. Besides the marina, there are two towers of exclusive condos, one restaurant, a swimming pool, a beach and some dry storage. Not much. The restaurant is the social scene.
There are three kinds of people on Isleta Marina - rich people visiting in their boats or condos, students of Captain Michael's sailing school, and single, oddball men who live in their boats at the marina and do whatever work they can.
I think I was an oddity on the island. Most of the students come for day classes. The few live-aboard students aren't usually female and rarely are they single. By the time I arrived, most of the boat-dwellers already knew my name!
I got plenty of advice for seasickness at the restaurant. "Eat a big breakfast of eggs, ham and potatoes." "Drink rum." "Have only rice and bread." "Don't eat anything greasy." One guy gave me a lemon to smell occasionally.
I really liked this collection of oddballs . . .

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