Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cleveland's Little Italy

I love ethnic enclaves, the little pockets of culture that are fervently preserved within a larger culture. Metro Detroit has huge Arabic population in Dearborn and a smaller Polish section in Hamtramck. My only Chinatown visit was in Honolulu, which was as dangerous as all the stereotyping would lead you to expect. I’ve been to plenty of Little Italy sections – in NYC, Windsor (Ontario) and in Chicago.
Last week, my cousin and I discovered a Little Italy that I didn’t know existed – in Cleveland. Of course, it’s usually all about the food, and this trip was no exception. We had dinner at Mia Bella; here’s a shot of the veggies and chorizo. YUM!

Then, we were off to Presti’s Bakery & CafĂ©. A picture truly IS worth a thousand words . . .



  1. Watch the Anthony Bourdain on Cleveland it is one of our all time favorite episodes he did. FOOD MECCA for sure!