Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yellow Jacket Wasps

It seems that metro Toledo has a yellow jacket problem this year. A few weeks ago, I mowed over what I thought was a bees nest. I looked down after a sting on my leg and saw about 50 of them on my pants! I ran to the house while stripping down and got out of it with only 5 stings – LUCKY. It could have been so much worse, especially since I’ve found out that they are yellow jacket wasps!
I noticed lots of small holes in the yard, but I have snakes, ground moles and God-knows-what-else out there, so I didn’t think much of it. But, my housemate, Nance, found another ground nest yesterday and I’ve been hearing from others around Toledo with the same problem. I guess it’s just a good year for them.
These are some aggressive little pests which I’ll have to destroy. Thankfully, in the internet age, you’re never alone with a problem, and I've already found lots of advice.

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