Friday, January 6, 2012


Here’s a shot into my community’s YMCA the night of January 3rd. You can't find a place to park! I love to see so many people renewing their commitment to themselves at the same time. The energy is contagious!
I love this time of year. It’s good to reconsider my direction and refocus myself, and New Year’s is the perfect time.
I make a lot of resolutions, big and small. I don’t worry about the ones that fall to the wayside; if they remain important to me, I can include them again later. Either way, I have made many changes through the years that make me happy.
I don’t start seriously considering my yearly goals until the first of the year, so I take the month of January to let them twirl around in my head. But the end of the month, I usually have a pretty firm list.

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