Thursday, August 16, 2012

Broom Maker

Brooms Sign
You know those cool, old general stores that you can rarely find anymore? The kind where you can still purchase yesteryear items like meat grinders, tin campwear, lye soap and linseed oil? They’re usually in an old Main Street store front, with squeaking wooden floors and high tin ceilings. Well, I found an amazing one in Victor, Colorado. The proprietors were, by trade, broom makers. I’ve never met a broom maker, although my great-grandfather did it as a sideline for extra income.
These folks, just a solitary couple, make brooms using 18th Century equipment, in the traditional fashion. The machine she is using is pedal-powered, like an old sewing machine! They are also tinsmiths and candle makers, among other things.
Broom Maker2
Note the sign behind her, which reads: "You live in a $300,000 house and you have a PLASTIC broom?"
Look at the impressive broom collection they have!
Broom Collection
You can order from them through their web site at Turns out, the lady is originally from Michigan!