Friday, August 24, 2012

Community Spirit

Aren’t small towns great? An event can include everyone in town, if they want. I recently went to a fair in Pemberville, Ohio, population 1371 (how’d you like to be the ONE registered sex offender there?). There was also a parade through town; apparently anyone can participate, including political candidates, anyone who can tack some fake turf to a wagon, and those Shriners in their crazy hats and tiny cars.
Flying batons -
Flying Batons
All the downtown merchants had specials. Because the fairgrounds is right next to the American Legion, they offer great food selections, which is a big money-maker for them.
Girls ready for the parade -
Old men ready for the parade -
Old Men
And, of course, the midway -
Duck Pond
Ferris Wheel
Berry Go Round

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