Thursday, October 18, 2012


I’ve been a terrible slacker with updates, I know. I don’t know what I do with my time, but it sure disappears quickly!
Last weekend, I taught my landlord class in Cincinnati again. Since I’ve tried to slow down on the number of schools where it’s offered, UC is the only non-local one that’s still a regular, every semester. It’s also the only 4-year institution where it’s offered, so the school is kind of special to me.
I really love Cinci! Since my hometown had a population of about a thousand, a city the size of Cinci seems so electric! Besides that, the city’s German roots are still evident, it’s very hilly so the city seems on display for you, and the Ohio River running through the center is intriguing. Here's a shot of one of the many river crossings, the Roebling Bridge; it was designed by the same man who designed the Brooklyn Bridge.
The people are really friendly here, too. After class, one of the attendees took me to a food truck festival. That's my idea of heaven!
I admit, though, I don’t care for Cincinnati-style chili . . . How about you?

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