Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stray Cat

This is Goldie. I brought her into the house because she is my last outdoor/garage cat. It will be so nice to stop feeding raccoons, possums and woodchucks while I feed Goldie, even though it means I now have six cats in the house.
Goldie is considerably more resourceful than the five complacent slackers who already lived in the house. Maybe that comes from exposure to the elements and dodging coyote? In two days she has wiggled her way into a 2” x 13” slot in the floor to get into the ductwork,

was yanked out by Sarge, uncovered and entered another 2” x 13” slot in a different room, removed some very sturdy cardboard which covered the access opening to the bathroom plumbing, writhed her way through this

to get down to the crawl space and then managed to escape the crawl space to get outside.
I’ve never had to worry about my tubby felines fitting into these spaces. I guess I’d better caulk up the cracks in the old homestead if I want to keep this one indoors.
I wonder where I’ll find her next?

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