Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ivory Towers

I’ve been busy with lots of classes lately. I was back at the U of Cincinnati a couple weeks ago and found this sculpture of their mascot, the bearcat. I had a class there in the autumn and this sculpture, the circle drive that serves as its home and the building to which the drive leads weren’t there!
I work at a Big Ten university and it’s amazing how quickly things change on a campus. Buildings are razed and replaced at a furious pace. Sometimes, I’m in awe of the money that is spent at educational institutions. Then, again, I’ve put a lot of money into education, too.
An alumni recently donated $100 million for a business school. One. Hundred. Million. I can’t fathom having that kind of money and this guy has enough to give away that much!

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  1. I use to be so short sited on folks who gave money like that. Years ago they would give their land, preserve it, save it, they had foresight to know to save that land so I can walk my dogs on it 200 years later. Bless those folks uh? Love ya, Marji