Friday, March 18, 2011

Trying To Improve

I’m working on some emotional stuff right now; a couple items are dominating my thoughts.
I’m trying to balance contradictory perspectives on dealing with people who exhibit behaviors that aren’t good for me. First, there’s the concept that we have a responsibility to ourselves to remove things from our lives that aren’t good for us and replace them with things that are. Then, there’s the idea of sticking by people, even when they’re unlovable. Hmm, it’s clear which stance to take, but you still have to balance the impact on yourself. (Again with the theory of duality; this is a constant in my life.)

I’m also working on better accepting criticism from those in my personal life. I believe that how criticism is delivered is immensely important. I can’t ever see myself taking part in an intervention; they go against everything I feel and have learned about delivering feedback, starting with: it should be done in private. Yet, I don’t have a lot of feedback experts in my life, so it often comes more harshly than what I think is beneficial, and I get hung up on that.
My boss sends her staff a Thought Of The Day. Today’s was a piece about saying nothing but, “Thank you” in response to criticism. Timely advice . . .

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  1. Or you can pick up Miranda Lambert's new cd and listen to the song, "....get a gun". Just kidding, just wanted to make you laugh.