Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Matter How You Spell It . . .

Remember this cozy little dinner party of less than three years ago? That’s Condi Rice preparing to partake of a traditional Libyan dinner as the invited guest of Moammar Gadhafi. He hosted her at his Tripoli palace and showered her with gifts and impeccable hospitality. After he renounced terrorism and the use of WMD in
2003, western politicos and journalists began using a different spelling of his name, I guess to distance him from the psychotic genius/thug formerly known as Kadaffi. The Rice invitation was heralded as a new beginning for Libyan/US relations.
I remember one time theorizing with Butch about how Osama bin Laden has been able to avoid all of the US’s resources, money and manpower to prevent capture. I don’t think I could hide from the feds for more than two hours! Butch, in a characteristic laughable-but-feasible theory, decided that OBL was “sitting in some palace somewhere with Kadaffi, sucking on a martini.”
Do you suppose there’s actually such a thing as a reformed terrorist?

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