Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good for Business?

The party lines along which our health care debate is drawn don’t make sense to me. I understand why business interests are generally represented by Republicans. The platform is smaller government, which appeals to Business (as a community) because bigger government costs Business more money. It’s logical to conclude that Republicans don’t promote government programs.
But, Health Care, as an issue, is different than other government programs. American health care costs are already being borne, nearly exclusively, by the Business Community, right? Unlike other programs, which are supported by broad taxation on all levels, health care is covered by Business.
When someone says they don’t have insurance, I just think they don’t receive it as a job benefit. Nobody views people without health insurance as irresponsible for not buying a policy, like those who don’t insure their car or their home. It’s just a given that they don’t have a job which offers it as a benefit. Business pays for health care coverage – that’s an assumption in the USA.
Consequently, wouldn’t national health care offer the Business Community a break? Shouldn’t Business benefit from dispersing the costs of health care throughout the nation, instead of it resting solely on the back of Business?
I hope to get a small (micro, really) business running someday; eventually, I will likely hire someone to help me. I couldn’t even consider doing so if I had to offer that person health insurance! The business wouldn’t even get started.
It really seems to me that the Business Community should be supporting a program that assumes responsibility for even SOME of the health care costs.

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