Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adult Education

In the fall, my class will be on the curriculum of nine different schools and I’m currently negotiating with a tenth! I am amazed at how quickly this has happened; it seems like this has been way too easily marketed. (I haven't forgotten that I promised a free session to some of you!)
The Director of one of the schools admitted to stalking me online! I do that all the time, so I’m sure I’ve been stalked, but I’ve never had anyone admit it. She said that she checked out my program and bio from the online brochures from two other schools to “make sure you were legit.” It felt really strange to know that she did that, but I’m sure I’d have done the same. How did we ever get by without the internet?
I’m still working on a degree in Adult Ed and Training, which covers Curriculum Design. It’s a fascinating field, although I’m plodding along very slowly. I've taken many online classes, but this is my first experience with self-paced classes. Both require lots of discipline, which has never been my strong suit . . .
I really love adult education programs, so it’s no surprise that I’m involved in them. I have taken classes through them for years and there’s nothing I won’t try - upholstery, Polynesian cooking, dulcimer lessons, German language, anything! I hope to be one of those old women who take full advantage of senior citizen tuition waivers.
Adult ed holds so many unique opportunities that really satisfy my curiosity for things completely foreign to me. Where else can you find these topics? On the way to my last class, I found a flyer for Art Welding! Are you kidding? I love sculpture and now I can learn to make my own??
Many public school systems have done away with their Adult Ed programs, due to funding shortages. However, most community colleges and many 4-year institutions have thriving programs. Check out what your community is offering. If you find something really unusual, let me know!!

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