Thursday, April 8, 2010


I just talked to my friend, Jack. He's on his way to the funeral of his brother, somewhere south of Los Angeles. He's driving alone, left Monday and is sleeping in his car!
I admit that I don't have much fear of traveling alone. I do it often and, although I wouldn't say that I prefer it to traveling with someone, it sure beats not traveling at all.
I have also slept in the car on quite a few occasions. Sometimes, like Jack, my friends and I have planned to sleep on the road. I'm getting a little old for that, but I would probably still do it.
Yet, I don't think I would sleep on the road if I were traveling solo. I think those days are over; I just wouldn't feel comfortable nowdays.
Yet, Jack spent the night in a truck stop parking lot in Las Vegas last night. Now, he's somewhere this side of CA, catching a few winks in the front seat of the Subaru before heading west to arrive at a relative's house around dawn.
And Jack is 72 years old.

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