Monday, April 12, 2010

Museum's 3-Story Relief Map

Isn't this map great?
If you're from Michigan and don't know where each of the Great Lakes are, make that today's learning opportunity!

Historical Museum

Remember this flag from the 70's? I was suddenly and happily reminded at the Michigan Historical Museum, where I spent the day Saturday. What a nice museum! It's on five levels and spans Michigan-specific pre-history through 1975.
In the WWII section, there's a bottle of what looks like the old, liquid "foundation" make-up. It was intended to be used on your legs at a time when neither silk nor nylon were available to manufacture stockings. This brand was called "Liquid Nylons" and it occurred to me that this was a pre-cursor to early tan-in-a-bottle products.
Look at this pink and turquoise kitchen from the 50's! My kitchen colors are similar, but I don't have the pink appliances, darn it! I never liked the "nursery" look, but it looks great here!

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  1. need the Great Lakes region, not just michigan