Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarge's Project

My sister got approval for a community garden! She’s putting up flyers, had a booth at “Tractor Day” (whatever that is . . .), and is holding a perennial exchange to spread the news. It seems to be generating a lot of interest.
She’s planning a no-till garden in a park located in a flood plain of the River Raisin. It’s a beautiful, grassy area where the river makes a near-hairpin curve and a small stream joins the flow. The bank is very high, so it’s quite secluded, although it’s right in town.
When I was a kid, this area was unused and we would climb down the huge bank, cross the stream on a fallen tree and play there. We skated there once and my friend broke through the ice and fell in the water! (That memory takes my breath away today, but we didn’t realize the danger at the time, even after it happened.) The city later put in a wooden access stairway with a bridge crossing the stream and a few empty spools from construction cable as a climbing feature, but I don’t think the place got much use after that, either.
After Sarge made her presentation to city council, someone approached her and told her that she sounded just like my great-grandfather who, it seems, was often proposing a new project. What a great thing to learn about him! I also recently learned that he had served as mayor for a number of years.
My granny would be so proud of Sarge’s project. She loved to support her community and I’m sure she would have tromped down the long stairway to see what was happening in the garden.
Way to go, Sis!

“Take It With You”

Of course. The solution was immediately apparent as soon as the words left my friend’s mouth.
Butch’s Purple Heart will be buried with me (after a thorough cleaning!). I’m so relieved.

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