Friday, May 7, 2010

Copyright by Me?

Today, I registered the copyright on my class text. It was only $35 and you can do it online.
I can't believe I have an application in the U.S. Copyright Office! It feels so official.

"Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite"
Did you know there are bedbugs in the US again? After their near-erradication when we still used DDT here, they have resurfaced.
The suspected point-of-entry was Cincinnati, Ohio and they're creeping their way from there. I've already heard of cases in Toledo. (SHIVER)
Bedbugs are NOT a sign of poor housekeeping, so you never know where they'll be. It's nearly impossible to prevent infestation and very difficult to control them once they're present. They are flat and look like apple seeds. If you see them, call an exterminator pronto!
I know this is an unpleasant topic, but I'm glad I know about them. I have a class in Cinci this summer; thanks to this info, I will camp instead of getting a hotel.

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  1. I had a client tell me the other day his sister lives in NYC and has a dog that can sniff out bedbugs and has started a business doing this. The sad part, she is doing really well. Eeeeew.