Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pencil Test

I am interested in cultural differences. I should have been an anthropologist. (My anthro instructor told me that is the field where misfits go! Lol). I pay attention to the oddities of cultures.
Latin cultures are obsessed (by our standards) with looks. In South America and some Caribbean nations, it’s a huge money-making industry that far exceeds what is spent in the US, per capita. They take impeccable care of their skin, spend a lot more on cosmetics, and perform a lot more cosmetic surgeries. There are about 15 different bariatric surgery practices across South America; I think there are 3 that are legal in the US. Men more commonly use hair and skin care products. They display their sexuality more freely. They have better girdle and tummy-holding products. They even sell jeans that act like girdles!
The results are evident, too. When you hear people talking about countries with “the most beautiful” women (or men!), it’s usually a culture in which looks are highly valued. There are women in South America who are 60+ years old who can dress, without looking ridiculous, like a 25-year old. These people are still gorgeous, well into their golden years, because they really work to look that way.
So, when the infomercial for the Brazil Butt Lift aired, I watched it. I'm telling you, those Brazilians take this stuff seriously and I wouldn't just write this off as BS. Still, it was hysterical! They recommended taking the “pencil test,” in which you place a pencil under a butt cheek. Apparently, if your rear can hold the pencil in place, you need the BBL program.
Now listen, I do not have a Brazilian butt. I have never had a Brazilian butt. I never will have a Brazilian butt. And my ass is nowhere near able to hold a pencil in place! I want to see the butt that can do that!
I just have feeling that the next time I’m drinking with some girlfriends, we’re going to end up testing this . . .

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