Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goodies From Florida

This is Eleanor, my mother-in-law and the lady who created the home in which I live today. This is basically what she looked like the entire time that I knew her.
My sister-in-law in Florida seems to be the keeper of the family’s photo albums; every time someone dies, she ends up with their albums. I occasionally get an envelope full of fun pics from her. She sends me old ones of the house, which was built by my husband’s family, so it’s really fun for me to see them. So much of the house looks the same. Sometimes she sends pics of Butch when he was little (he was the youngest of 10, so there aren’t many pictures of him), and other family members.
This time, Barb’s package included pics that were older than I had previously seen.

Eleanor was a beautiful young woman! What a treat to see her at this age!
Sometimes, I muse over existential questions (to no gainful purpose, of course). A few years ago, my brain was forming a theory that Time didn’t exist. Time wasn’t real. Time was a man-made limitation. I just couldn’t grasp the reality of it.
Then, I looked at an old picture of myself. Sometimes, you just need a dose of reality . . .

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