Monday, June 28, 2010

Mother And Child Reunion

Yesterday, a gorgeous brindle boxer chased a duck across a school lawn. In the midst of the excitement, the duck’s hatchling ran into a busy street and under my truck! I slammed on the brakes and it toddled out from under me on the opposite side. From there, it went into the parking lot of a fruit market.
Of course, I went after it. With assistance from a few customers and workers, I got the duckling and started carrying it back. Mama was looking for it in the last place she had seen it - in the middle of that busy street. I can’t imagine how she avoided the three cars that nearly hit her.
I chased away the boxer and put the baby down about 30 feet away from its mother, who was back in the school yard. When Mama started quacking, that tiny duckling crossed the yard in record time.
Sometimes, what seems little makes you happier than the big stuff does.

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