Monday, June 28, 2010

Road Trip!

I had my first out-of-town class this weekend! It was at the University of Cincinnati, so I also planned a trip to the zoo and a river cruise. What a beautiful town; it’s full of old architecture, displayed across the hills along the Ohio River. Walking through the zoo made me realize that it would be really tough to push a wheelchair up and down those hills.

(Check out the sloth; he's not using his front legs to hold himself. Talk about crunches!)
Wow, Cincy is huge! I went downtown Friday night to find the famous fountain, but there was a Reds game and it was a madhouse! I got out of the traffic via gritty, urban streets that are fascinating to someone whose hometown had a population of 1,000.

After I registered at the hotel, the car wouldn’t start. It’s a good thing that didn’t happen on one of those gritty streets! It was 95 degrees and my mechanic found it hysterical that I used the a/c for four hours after he told me to “baby the starter.” Hey, I think that pumping gas while the car is running IS babying the starter! What does the air conditioner have to do with it??
This was the biggest class I’ve had and it went really well. Timing is still a challenge for me; we ran over a little, but that’s because people were engaged and sharing experiences. All the student evaluations were great. I really love doing this!
With car trouble and what I thought was a broken ankle, I skipped the river cruise, but I definitely want to go back to Cincy!

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