Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Sculpture Festival

Sarge & I went to the Tecumseh Ice Sculpture Festival over the weekend. It’s fun to watch the artists carving; they usually get a round of applause at the final touch, a blowtorch to put a shine on the sculpture.

My favorite was the Air Hockey Table (no air necessary!).

Tecumseh’s downtown covers a relatively small area and retailers took advantage of the extra visitors with other events: a chili cook-off, winery samples, Legion Post breakfast, bake sales, etc. The town was jammed and everyone was ducking into stores and restaurants to get warm.
We went into a little restaurant and they were just blown away. Every table in the place was dirty, although only a few tables had people at them. We waited for about 10 minutes for someone to bring our drinks and then decided that they needed some help. We got up and bussed the tables for them! It took about a half hour to clean up both dining rooms, but the place was presentable when we finished. When we were done, we just left.
It’s fun to drop in, help out, and disappear!

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