Friday, October 7, 2011


Nine Hundred Seventy-three and 40/100. That’s how much thieves got from my account before I realized that my ATM info had been swiped, probably from a device placed on the machine. I’ll likely get at least half of it back from the bank, but still . . .
I was really lucky, for a few reasons. My bank has a $400 daily limit, a huge help. They likely got the info 4 days ago, but I haven’t checked the account since last pay day, two weeks ago; they hit it every day for the last 3 days, but they could have been doing it for 13 days! Best of all, my bank is currently performing electronic maintenance that results in only your primary account showing on the ATM screen; they could have been getting $400 every day from two different accounts!
My bank wasn’t very concerned, despite that they will probably end up paying for it. I can pinpoint precisely which machine was jimmied, down to the day, but they don’t even collect that kind of info. I guess they just budget for a certain amount to be stolen each year and don’t worry about finding the thieves.
Sheesh, how much do you suppose this costs us every year? Odder still, how many people are employed as a result of ATM theft?

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  1. How many creeps make a living at ATM theft, probably the same amount that steal jewlery for a living. Sorry it happened to you Nan.