Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eastern Screech Owl

There's an owl in the woods that border my house. Its screech is quite loud and I've been hearing it for years. It sounds nothing like a bird, but more like a horse whinnying. Here's a recording (which I snatched from

Imagine hearing that moving above you at night and not knowing it's a bird - creepy!
With the days shortening, it's still dark when I leave for work. My neighbor, the owl, has been greeting me every morning. I wish I could see it!
When I was a kid, Sarge and I, along with our two neighbor girls, caught an owl and brought it home to our parents! It was sitting still on a log and my sister "snuck up behind it" (how could we be so dense?!?), put an old metal washtub over it, and slid the owl off the log into the washtub. I took off my jacket, put it over the top, and the four of us carried it home.
My mom about fell off her chair when we got home; we called people to come and see it, but nobody believed us. Lord, that thing could have clawed our eyes out of their sockets! But, it seemed to go into a trance when it was on its back.
Great memory of being a dumb kid . . .

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