Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zanesville Tragedy

This is a dead lion. He was shot by sheriff deputies yesterday, along with about 30 other exotic animals which were running loose near Zanesville, Ohio. It’s suspected that their “owner” let nearly 50 animals loose and then took his own life.
I don’t want to make judgments about folks going through emotional disturbances. Nor do I see much point in determining why someone feels the need to keep these majestic animals; this particular man is hardly the first person to have exotic pets. Personally, I’m not sure that I think zoos are ethical, let alone private ownership. These animals are supposed to be running across the Serengeti, for God’s sake!
I sure would like to know, though, why states, counties, municipalities, etc. allow it. Why, why, why is it legal to “own” a lion???
This is why we need government. We’re too dumb to keep ourselves safe.

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