Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Occupy Movement

Here's a pic of some Occupy Cincinnati marchers, where I had a class last weekend. I'm anxious to see if this movement grows to be the liberal equivalent of the Tea Party or if it dwindles out as winter nears.
I think that the only solution to America's partisan gridlock is for more parties to evolve. I never expected that to happen here, but along comes the Tea Party. I don't know if it has staying power, but as much as the platform differs from my beliefs, I'm happy to see them. I hope the Occupy Movement can organize itself into something, too.
One of the participants in my class had been to Spain in the early Spring. He said that there were protestors in nearly all cities of any size who were unhappy with government bailouts and unemployment rates. Yet, typically, the American press is determined that this movement started here.
What's the news with your local Occupiers?

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