Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maybe Not

Hmm, this will be a practice in patience. There's no certainty about what will happen now. Mom has settled very comfortably back at her own place and thinks she may just want to stay there!
Well, I got a new bathroom, anyway . . .
Actually, she is moving in, but doesn't know how long it will last. She will soon graduate from rehab (OT, PT, Speech) at home to being an outpatient. Since I'm closer to the facility and have rides lined up for her, she'll stay with me. I think it's much easier for her to face a situation that's impermanent; she's pretty non-commital right now. Who can blame her?
Yesterday was her first time alone for an extended period of time. My sister and I went to dinner and a concert last night, so she didn't even have phone contact! She's more comfortable with this than we are . . .
On a lighter note, Vivaldi's Four Seasons was fabulous and the new bathroom is wonderful! I'm off to paint it, now.

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