Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I live in a ramshackle old bungalow where my husband’s parents raised 10 kids on a 30-acre farm. I now have an acre and the house, which would take a year’s salary to bring up to code. But, I love this place; I’m less than a quarter mile from a major metropolitan area, yet there are deer wandering through the yard. It’s private, there’s room for a garden, and I can have bonfires.
Right now, the house is a disaster. I cleaned out what will be Mom’s bedroom and the utility room. I still need to figure out where all that stuff goes! On top of that, I’m having the bathroom redone to make it more accessible. Once you get so far, you might as well do it all, so the whole bathroom will be new. It will take a couple weeks for it to be done.
No tub or shower for two weeks?!? Luckily, I am a landlord with one empty apartment. I bought that rental mostly for its beautiful old cast iron bathtub on a pedestal. I recently had it refinished, never expecting to be the one to break it in. After bathing in a bucket for 4 days, it was a lovely soak!
The big, sliding barn-type doors will be removed from the garage and replaced with an overhead door. It would be much easier for her to push a button than to slide one of these!
The condition of the house is a step down for Mom, but this place is so much more accessible than her house. I know that she will want to have the whole house redone all at once, but I’m a little-by-little kind of person.
Poor Mom!

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