Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Weekend!

Mom's move is on for this weekend! It’s still temporary, lasting through her therapy. That could be for months, though, so she'll be with me for now.
I have this beautiful, old brass bed that I bought years ago for a guestroom. Mom has requested it for her room, which makes me really happy! I want it to be cozy and special for her, so I’ve been out shopping. I can’t believe how nervous I am; it feels like I’m auditioning for something!
Meals will be a problem, since I don’t cook. My sister is spoiling her now with wholesome, tasty meals that are time-consuming to prepare; she’s a great cook. What a culture shock that will be!
Here’s the same shot after the drywall is completed, plus one of the Corion sink. I wish I had a “before” pic; it’s a drastic difference. I love it!

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