Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's Your Comfort Zone?

I don't really think of my mom as “old.” When it sneaks up on you slowly, you don't notice it. After all, she is only one year older than she was last year . . .
But, when you're confronted with something that typifies age, it's tough to overlook. Mom is always cold at my place. I keep the thermostat on 70 for her; that's 5 degrees higher than before. Yet, she's always, “just freezing, honey!”
Man, I'm 45 years old! There are things happening to my body, and none of them requires more heat! Add to that my substantial weight gain after my husband passed away and I'm walking around the house in tank tops.
Last weekend, I came home from my Saturday errands, put away my purchases and started sweating. I thought it was just from running around, keeping my coat on too long, whatever. But, it didn't go away! I was burning up, flush with heat. I finally checked the thermostat – 74 degrees! Sheesh!
I asked Mom about it. “I didn't do it! I can't even reach that thing!” I know this will sound suspicious to those who don't know my mother, but she did not say, “I didn't know it was turned up that high.” Guilty, no doubt. She talked someone into it while I was gone, surely. My mom is horribly devious, and you have to read between the lines with her.
My old Honeywell, similar to the one in the pic (sans case and lock), has an additional feature. There's a “Comfort Range” marked on it. It spans the area between 72 and 78 degrees! Are you kidding?!? It must have been made before the 1973 Energy Crisis.
Thanks to Richard Nixon for redefining the comfort range.

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