Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Presbyterian Honey

This is an eave of the 100+ year old Presbyterian church in my hometown. Take a closer look to view the yard-high wild hive dripping honey down the brick exterior. This hive has been here for a long, long time.
My first piano teacher was married to the preacher at this church when I was very young, so our recitals were held here. Isabel used to parade each of her students to the front of the church for a display of what we'd learned that year. I remember being mortified in some pretty new dress.
The church currently has 23 members; I don't think any of them live in town.
There are five beautiful old churches in town. It would be fun to get a brief history and interior and exterior shots of each of them to frame as a series. I guess I'd better get on that project, with membership figures like that.
I found this place while searching for info for this post: It's about halfway between NYC and Albany and I'm going to visit there someday.

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