Friday, February 19, 2010


Mom’s allowed to swim! She loves the water, but doctors told her earlier that it would be some time before swimming was an option. She’s very pleased that her doctor has cleared her for a trip to the pool.
I love old natatoriums; it’s fun to see how architecture has been used to create atmosphere in them. This is a shot of the Amalienbad, which is a beautiful old public spa facility from the 1920’s in Vienna, Austria. My girlfriend lives across the street from it. I was in Vienna a few years ago when they were having record-breaking temperatures all over Europe and I stumbled upon it while looking for a way to cool off.
The socialist government of 1920’s Austria built a number of these places in an attempt to improve the health of commoners who were, at that time, quite poor. It’s a beautiful art deco building with baths, steam rooms, saunas and this gorgeous pool. When it was first built, the glass roof used to crank open for ventilation.
I wish Mom would go here with me, but she has vowed to never fly again.
Below is a rendition of the Amalienbad by German Artist, Johannes Schramm. Can you believe that this is a painting??

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