Friday, February 5, 2010

My Beautiful Friend/Another Happy Child in the 50's

This is my friend, Carrie. This dear woman taught me so many things; the one I remember the most was emblazoned on a refrigerator magnet: “When you love someone, you love him as he is.” My friend realized many years before I did what lessons I still needed to learn.
Carrie recently passed away and her daughter included this pic in an online album. I stumbled upon a far-too-similar one that someone had posted to Facebook and started poking around about kids (in realistic-looking western wear) on ponies. I learned that there are thousands of these pictures, thanks to traveling photographers in the 1950’s who strolled the streets with ponies and cowboy accoutrements. The kids were enthralled and begged their parents to have their pictures taken. The portaits are all wonderful; a child on a pony is always going to be smiling.
A slice of life from a simpler time . . .
Check out Victoria Randall’s “A Pony In The Picture: Vintage Portraits of Children and Ponies.”

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