Monday, February 22, 2010

Je Maintiendrai

The Dutch government collapsed?!? I just can't fathom that!
Because they are the cradle of American political philosphy, I consider western European nations as or more stable than us. I still believe that. This doesn't mean that the government in The Netherlands is less stable than ours, but that ours is less stable than I had believed. I'm anxious to get the perspective of my Dutch coworker . . .
Here's a shot of the buildings which house the Dutch government, the Binnenhof (inner court). Uncommonly, they are not located in Holland's capital, but are in The Hague.
I doubt anyone's surpised that the military coalition is failing. Bullying generally doesn't last in the long run.
Trivia Question: What settlement was previously founded as "New Amsterdam"?

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