Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Should We Try A Collapse? (More on the Dutch)

I’ve learned a little more about the Dutch government. “Collapse” isn’t the word for what happened there over the weekend. “Revitalization” would be a more accurate description.
This change in government is actually a provision which is intended to be used when the people currently in office aren’t able to work for the benefit of the citizens. The government intentionally dissolves itself to make room for more effective personalities.
WHAT?!? That would never happen here! American officials would NEVER collectively remove themselves from powerful offices for the benefit of the country. Imagine what could be accomplished if our representatives shared this view of their citizenry . . .
It’s frustrating that we refuse to look beyond America’s shores for better ways of handling things. Working toward continuous improvement is, in my eyes, much more patriotic than blindly chanting that we are the best, the fastest, the biggest, the first. How many lessons have we refused to learn while clinging to our national ego?
Our government has nothing to do with our citizens. Except to garner our votes and our money, I really don’t think we are even considered. I once had an Irishman ask me why Americans didn’t do something about our government. Sadly, I couldn’t think of one thing that we could do that would truly make a difference. We just don’t matter.
We are living in a society that manipulates us to spend, spend, spend so that corporate and political greed remain financed. There is no way out of this with our gridlocked, two-party system. We need more parties, so there is no majority and officials are forced to work together. (Check out the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution and consider its impact. It should be repealed.)
Unfortunately, it’s the American people who have created this mess. We are apathetic and have blind faith in our leadership. We are either die-hard Democrats or die-hard Republicans, neither seeing that we don’t mean a thing to either of these institutions. It's easier to identify with a party than to think for yourself.
I admire the societies which hold massive demonstrations and strikes to get the attention of their governments. I just don’t see Americans caring enough to make that happen.
I love my country; the principles on which she was founded are upstanding and pure. The founders of the USA had tremendous foresight and were able to think beyond themselves and the world they knew. The US Constitution is an amazing document.
We were on the right track at one time. Yet, somewhere along the line, we lost Lincoln’s ideal: “ . . . government of the people, by the people, for the people . . . ”

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