Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Never The One You Need

I can’t believe that I had to buy a screwdriver . . .
If there is a screwdriver in my garage, there are 200 of them. This is not an exaggeration; there were 9 boys raised in my husband’s house and there’s an unbelievable amount of tools here. I’ve never seen so many different kinds of screwdrivers: L-shaped, Z-shaped, S-shaped, star-headed, square-headed, ratcheting, magnetic, you name it. I plan to put together tool kits of hand tools and take them to halfway homes for residents who will soon be on their own.
None of the kits will include a Phillips screwdriver that extends over 5.5 inches beyond where the shaft connects to the handle, because I don’t have any! I needed to replace the walking belt on a treadmill and have to access a screw that’s way back into a recessed cavity. Who designed this? And why?
I ended up with an extension shaft that fits onto a screwdriver with interchangeable bits.
I never thought I’d have to buy another tool!

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